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Daniel Orson Ybarra

The nature and that which is dynamic about it. Germinaciones, Semilleros, Chaosmos: The latest works by Daniel Orson Ybarra straight away reference nature and that which is dynamic about it: the process of growth, of engenderment, of inflorescence, which go from a withheld intensity (withheld from its potential, from the […]

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Lluís Lleó

Easely moving between different mediums and disciplines. Lluis Lleó is an artist that moves with ease and expertise in different disciplines and mediums, and which technical distinctive feature is the use of the fresco technique like the classic artists. Living and working between New York and Rupià. In his work, he […]

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Manolo Torres

Self-trained artist Manolo Torres, born in Malaga in 1938, is a self-trained sculptor, with origins in his work for many years in metallurgic factory in Switzerland. Installed in Geneva, he´s dedicated to painting and sculpture, and he has participated in numerous exhibitions nationally and internationally. He has made recently a […]