• Concierto de los Derechos Humanos 2016

    Concierto de los Derechos Humanos 2016

  • Un rotundo éxito de asistencia

    Un rotundo éxito de asistencia

  • La evidencia del compromiso con los Derechos Humanos

    La evidencia del compromiso con los Derechos Humanos

  • Conducido por el arte

    Conducido por el arte

The concert

«Concert of the Human Rights 2016»

Geneva, December 10, 2016

As last year, the Hall of Human Rights and the Alliance of Civilizations has once again been the stage in which Master DANIEL BARENBOIM and the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra have offered the Human Rights Concert 2016. For the third year Consecutive United Nations headquarters in Geneva hosted the Concert, organized by ONUART and produced by MEDIAPRO. The room was filled with guests from numerous United Nations personalities, international organizations based in Geneva and representatives of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights. To these assistants were added the guests of the Foundation. As usual, Maestro Barenboim addressed a few words to the audience at the end of the concert, among which it is worth noting that «music is an excellent school for the art of living together». And so have collected various media that covered the event in their reviews on it. The concert consisted of two interpretations: the Concerto for Violoncello, Hoy. Vllb: 1, C. major of F.J. Haydn and the Concerning Symphony for fo ur winds K297b, from W.A. Mozart. In the piece of Haydn acted as soloist cello Kian Soltani. In the symphony of Mozart the soloists were Cristina Gomez Godoy (oboe), Jussef Esa (clarinet), Zeynep Köylüoglu (bassoon) and Merav Goldman (English horn).

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El concierto en imágenes

«Concierto de los Derechos Humanos 2016»

La cena: imágenes

«La cena del concierto de los Derechos Humanos 2016»