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The ONUART Foundation’s mission is to enhance the value of art as a catalyst for dialogue, and this is the mission we wish to share and in which we want to collaborate with our friends.
Geneva’s sea

A collector’s edition inspired in Barceló’s greatest artistic challenge: the creative process of the dome in the United Nations Human Rights and Alliance of Civilisations Room in Geneva.

Each one of the 150 copies contains a lithograph signed and numbered by Miquel Barceló, a painstakingly compiled selection of the logbook that accompanied the artist throughout the process of creating the dome, a Catalogue of Tools featuring the utensils and material employed and a collection of postcards of the Drach and Artà caves, a source of inspiration for this brilliant artist.

With a prologue by the prestigious writer and academic Pere Gimferrer.


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Fletan (avec anguille) – Paper: Rives 270 g. 68 x 82 cm.

Seiche – Paper: Rives 270 g. 68 x 82 cm.

Crevette – Paper: Rives 270 g. 68 x 82 cm.

Raie – Paper: Rives 270 g. 68 x 82 cm.

Sole – Paper: Rives 270 g. 68 x 82 cm.

Geneva’s sea – Selection of pages of the Logbook – 33 x 46 cm. – 40 pages in sheets of 8 pages without sewing – Paper: Modigliani insize of 260 g. Printed in 4 inks

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Barceló’s Sea

Prestige Edition

The prestige edition of Barceló’s Sea features a total of 216 pages in a 28×36-cm format and is printed in 4 colours with a selective varnish, bound in fabric and protected in a case of the same material. The book is published in Spanish, English, French and Arabic. Furthermore, the publication is printed on 170-gram coated paper.